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Electric Vehicles for rent



To try it is to adopt it...

Not a minute to lose? Come see for yourself the benefits of electric vehicles.

Each his style, each his electric vehicle...

Every person is different, every lease is different. At JN Auto, we understood:

Flexible rental with benefits when you buy...

Our policy approach and transactions responding to the wishes of our customers stood out:

Descriptions of vehicles for rent are HERE

Rental Price List according to the price of the desired vehicle

5000$ to 10 000$ 45$/day
10 001$ to 20 000$ 65$/day
20 001$ to 30 000$ 85$/day
30 001$ to 40 000$ 140$/day
40 001$ to 60 000$ 190$/day
60 001$ to 80 000$ 225$/day
80 001$ and more upon request.

-3 jours minimum, 4 semaines maximum,
-20% escompte 4 jours à 10 jours inclusivement
-40% escompte 11 jours à 20 jrs
-50% escompte de 21 jours a 1 mois

-Security Deposit reimbursable 1000$ up to 30 000$. 2000$ 30 000$ and more.

-Need formation ? 50$ /hrs.

Following reception of your request, we will confirm to you its availability.

If you buy the vehicle, 75% of the rental is refundable (max 500 $ retroactive to one month)

Full Name

Number of days desired (2 days min., 2 weeks max.)

Phone Number


Choosen Vehicle

N.B.: The vehicle can be transported to your home for an extra charge

We will contact you to confirm

*: Furthermore taxes

  • Rent 21 years and over, over $ 30,000 30+ years (questionable case by case)
  • Insurance with AQ27 clause (make sure the amount covered is greater than the value of the chosen vehicle)
  • 200 km / day or 1 500 km / week, 0.25 cents per exceed kilometer. Tesla double Km allowed
  • Delivery and pickup $ 1 / km to your home or leave your vehicle on site at no charge
  • If you buy the vehicle, 50% of the rental is refundable (max 500 $ retroactive to one month)
  • Terminal rental $ 25 / week in Quebec
  • Jn Auto inc reserves the right to refuse a rental
  • Furthermore taxes
  • According to availability, of course
  • Pre-notice minimum of 48 hours
  • In the event that the vehicle is sold and there is no replacement vehicle, the deposit is refunded
  • Special request, contact us by clicking here!

At JN Auto, everything is done to make your transaction a pleasant and hassle free experience, taking into account your realities and your expectations!

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Notre mission

Offrir une vaste gamme de véhicules usagés, autant thermiques (à essence) qu'électriques, des marques les plus populaires.


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